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The website works for all category of Persons for Filing of the Income Tax Return Online at the ease of a Mouse Click.


Tax Payers at their convenient Time can register from across the Globe to Pay Tax Online with our help.


Tax Return Preparer and Tax Planners can register in our Website to serve our 10 million prospective Tax Payers.


Through our Website we help every citizens of India and NRI to get relaxed from the complexities of Income Tax.

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Time has come to get ready for filing your Income-tax Return. For all those  tax payers who are going to file their Income-tax Returns for the first time in particular, it would be a taxing time for them. But, please do not worry at all.  I am  going to tell you a real  very interesting idea whereby it will be possible  for you to get your Income-tax Return filled up and too without wasting your time and even without paying a single rupee for filling up and submitting your Income-tax Return. All readers who would hear  this news would surely be excited with this news  and now without  keeping you in suspense let me give you the answer for getting your Income-tax Return

Please go ahead and take advantage of the services of “Tax Return Preparer” who have been appointed by the Government of India and they are  located in different parts of India.  These Tax Return Preparers popularly known as TRPs have specially been trained by the  Government to fill-up your Income-tax Returns.  You may visit this website to know the approved list of Tax Return Preparers in whole of India. Now looking to your convenience you  may call any one of the  Tax Return Preparer to your office  or residence to prepare your Income-tax Return for the Assessment year 2013-2014 and thereafter to file the said Income-tax Return and then submit the acknowledgement to you

Why we Pay Taxes to Government.

All citizens of a country are morally andlegally bound to pay their fair share of tax. So it is important of paying taxes to the government and why we should not do the mistake of hiding money or avoiding taxes. A large percentage of people who pay tax think as if government is trying to steal their hard earned money .. well thats not true. Money collected from taxes help a country to become stronger and help government provide a variety of services to its citizens.

Example of some services that government provides with our tax money:

1. Infrastructure Projects: Government needs money to build roads, bridges, dams and number of other projects which are available to the society as a whole.

2. Public Security: Money collected from taxes is used to provide police and fire departments. It also helps to fund money needed to maintain defense forces (army, navy and air-force) and buy arms for them.

3. General services: Keeping roads clean, water treatment, street lights, trash removal and maintenance of public parks requires lot of money.

4. Health Services: Almost all governments provide some level of free or subsidized health services to its citizens. This may include preventive immunization shots, disaster relief and many others. All this money is funded by the tax money you and I pay.

5. The list goes on: Maintenance of historic monuments, government aid, emergency relief, conduct elections, run several government institutions like department for agriculture, commerce, energy, urban development, treasury, judiciary, department of motor vehicles etc.


Types of Taxes

Government can impose taxes in many forms, for example: Income tax, Sales tax, Excise tax, Toll Tax, Recreation tax, social security, medicare etc ..

Does everyone has to pay tax?
It depends on country to country, but in most cases people with very low income do not have to pay tax.

Does everyone pay same tax?
Usually people with higher income pay a higher percentage of tax than the people with lower income.

Why should I still have to pay tax?
Think about this, if we only paid for the services we need then there is no way we could afford it. For example if you wanted to go from City A to City B, can you afford to pay for the construction of road that connects those two cities.. NO. You open tap and clean water flows out of it, if we were to put a filtration system on our own and a pipe that connects all the way to the nearby reservoir, it will cost just too much. Therefore we pay for these services in form of tax and use them as a whole society.

The result of not paying taxes could result in penalty and prison time. So next time when the time comes to pay taxes, do not feel too bad. It is your contribution to the services you receive in return.

So here we the members from the TRP, being associated with this website in different forms plans and helps the Government of India to collect the Income Tax from different Persons in due course. The Tax Consultants of this website are either the member of the TRP Scheme of the Income Tax of India or the Specially Trained and Certified by Tax Return and Planning Services.

One of the member of the Tax Consultants have been Felicitated by the Ministry of Finance (Revenue), Shri S.S.Palinimanickam for the Outstanding Performance across the country. All the Members are the Certified Income Tax Preparer.